Research Under Review Process

  • “Risky business: How Standardization as coordination tool in ecosystems impacts firm-level uncertainty”
    (with PK Toh) (
    Revise and Resubmit, Strategic Management Journal)

  • “Fast and Furious (about standards): Effect of standardization on innovation within ecosystems in the Formula One industry”
    (with PK Toh) (
    Under Review at Organization Science)

  • “It takes two to tango: Partner favorability and acquisition premia in global M&A’s”
    (with Brian Chung, Cecile Cho, Theresa Cho)
    Under Review, Journal of International Business Studies)

Work in Progress

  • “Effect of standardization on inventor mobility within ecosystems in the Formula One industry” (Draft Revision Stage)

  • “Convergence and divergence of Complementors” (with Cameron Miller, PK Toh)
    (Data Analysis Stage)

  • “The effect of strategic imitation on application platform” (with Shiva Agarwal)
    (Data Analysis Stage)

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